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The Sustainable Palm Oil Revolution

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Critics in the West claimed that the Malaysian palm oil industry has contributed heavily to deforestation, clearing virgin jungles and rainforests. They say this has resulted in numerous problems for the country’s climate, environment, habitat and indigenous people living in the forest.

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The Brief

To propose an outreach campaign for the Malaysian Palm Oil Council to educate and drive a positive impact by countering the misinformation on the sustainability of palm oil in Malaysia.

What We Did

Collaborating with R.AGE through a journalistic approach, we captured the public’s attention with an intriguing counter-narrative, with facts from credible sources. The result was an interactive multimedia storytelling piece titled The Sustainable Palm Oil Revolution.

The Results


+139% = 63,659 Increased page views vs. target KPI during campaign period


Unique Visitors


+398% = 13,936,155 Total users reach achieved across Malaysia, the United States & United Kingdom vs. target KPI

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